The Jean Monnet Module has two main aims:

Firstly, it will create and adapt introduction course titled “EU TALK: Integrate Turkey and Turkish Media to European Public Sphere " and develop a new course material in communication field which will be publicly available by practicing it at Yaşar University.

The second aim is to contribute and adapt to almost non-existing literature on the Turkish research literature and create researcher network concerning the European public sphere and Europeanisation of Turkish media in communication field. The academic gap would be filled with both designing the first Introduction to EU and European public sphere education curriculum and text book in Turkey for communication students and developing researcher network and publishing academic publications and organising 2 press conferences.

In this course module, totally 70 regular students will receive 126 hours of the course of European public sphere and Turkish Media at Yaşar University Campus. There will be organised 5 days summer school for the media professionals and totally 75 hours of EU and Media summer school program will be available for total 60 journalists in 3 years at Yaşar University Campus.