EuTalk Jean Monnet Project Activites

Seminar: 26 June 2020

Details: Faruk Kaymakçı will hold a seminar on 26 June 2020 on European Union and Communication Strategy (ABİS) subject for communication students.

Seminar: 9 May 2019

Details: Assoc. Prof. Huriye Toker will hold a seminar on 9 May 2019 on European Union and Media subject for communication students.

Seminar: 6 March 2019

Details: Assoc. Prof. Huriye Toker held a seminar on 6 March 2019 on European Union and Media subject for communication students.

Workshop: 9-12 January 2019

Details: There was publicty days for the high school students at on 9-12.01.2019 at Yaşar University and the coordinator Huriye Toker gave the EU introduction to these 18 students which is an important visibility action beyond the University reach.

Panel: 27 December 2018

Details: The coordinator focused mostly migration topic in the European public sphere participated “Diversity and Social Inclusion “ seminar at Yaşar University at 27 December 2018 and already mentioned EU Talk module and its achievements to the 100 participants.

Seminar: 21 December 2018

Details: Assoc. Prof. Huriye Toker held a seminar to the foreign students in İzmir titled “Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication” on 21 December 2018.

Workshop: 6 December 2018

Details: Dr. Toker participated a workshop titled as “Integration of Refugees in Higher Education “ at 6 of December 2018 and have opportunity to disseminate the information regarding EU-Talk module to the 30 national and international researchers.

Meeting: 2 November 2018

Details: Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Huriye Toker and PR communication students did the first workshop meeting in 2.11.2018 and the PR students discussed the strategy of the course dissemination and work on different posters and promotional messages. The team mostly focused on B2B communication methods and talk with their friends to encourage them to take the course.

Seminar: 26 April 2018

Details: The first dissemination action was applied as a joint seminar with two Jean Monnet modules titled as “Media and Migration“ in 26.04 2018. Journalist Banu Şen was invited with coordinator Huriye Toker to talk about media and migration and EU public sphere topics. The action was a joint activity in cooperation with the ongoing JM Module entitled ‘Migration and Security Nexus in the EU’ coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Gökay Özerim.

Conference: 23-26 August 2017

Details: The coordinator was accepted to a conference just after receiving JM Module (23-26 August 2017 , The Migration Conference, Athens, 23-26 August 2017, Harokopio University with 500 participants) and did a research regarding the media representation of Syrian migration to Europe and related discussions in public sphere and selected Turkish and Norwegian media outlets. Dr. Toker presented her research findings in this conference.